Monday, December 21, 2009

Same spot on Union between 4th and 5

Must be the same selfish dog owner


  1. It only takes one selfish dog owner to sh!t up an entire block. There is one such loser at 311 Lincoln Place. This moron never ever cleans up after his dog. He used to let it shit in the front yard of 292 Lincoln Place until the gate was locked off to deny him access. He still lets the dog shit everywhere within a lazy man's radius of 311 Lincoln Place and never cleans it up. Piles everywhere, every day. Naturally, this owner's pit bull never gets any exercise. I feel sorry for that dog. Supposedly this is illegal behaviour, and this is a consistent, years-on-end scofflaw, yet how do you get him ticketed? Cop has to witness the act? The crime is impossible to prosecute or so it seems.

  2. I went by that same block on Union St. It is a mess. It appears that the same dog owner lets their dog do whatever has no regard for his/her neighbors or the community.

    I migt check out 311 Lincoln Pl. But I don't think I am gonna go out of my way to look for poop.

  3. And when you get a delivery... the men put your furniture or electronics on the street or sidewalk to brace before they lift it to bring it into the building.
    I always check the bottom of the box before I allow them to bring it into my apartment. It's bad enough I have to deal with sidewalks filled with spit or what they traipse in on the bottom of their shoes.
    Fecal matter is not what I want touching my carpet from a delivery box.