Monday, May 24, 2010

On 8th ave near 4th Street

I don't know why do owners assume that their dog has a right to pee on another living thing.

Even in Manhattan

The following happened in late March on Third Avenue and 92nd Street.
That morning, I was walking toward the bakery where I usually buy my breakfast scone. A bakery worker was standing outside the door, holding a large, unwieldy tray of pastries and looking steadily at me.
“Can I open the door for you?” I asked.
“I’m just watching you step in dog poop,” he replied. And he was, as I did.
Joan Platt

Monday, May 17, 2010

What should they do with their crap?

I spent 5 hours in Prospect Park on Sunday, May 16.  From Noon to 5pm, all the time I was in the middle of the long meadow.

Most dogs were leashed, may were not.

3 people were barbecuing around us.  We were not in a "designated area".

Tons of people were biking on the sidewalk.

Some people were drinking wine and beer.

Unauthorized vendors were selling ices.

Look up, the trash was never picked up. 

The cops drove by a few times (on the sidewalk in a giant van with their windows rolled up).  The did not care.  No "crimes" were being committed.  I guess getting out of their van would have meant giving out summons and then the "crime rate" in Prospect Park would go up.

So why should anyone pick up their dog's crap, there is nowhere to put it.

But it is not just about poop......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

On the Corner of 7th and President.

This was 8:30am.  I wonder how many REAL Children had to step in this on their way to school