Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Love the New York Times

  1. Dear MadamBomb

    Regarding your childish comment: “If you don’t like it, get out.”

    Are you directing this toward the minority of dog owners who don’t like the law about cleaning up after their pets or who don’t like the leash laws?

    Or are you directing it at those people who don’t like people who allow their dogs to do those things?

    I am a dog owner, who loves my dog. But I love my 3-year-old child more. I should not have to worry about my child falling into dog feces and urine if he happens to stumble on the sidewalk.

    — cynthia
  2. 88. October 1, 2009 5:16 pm Link
    1. Mineva,

    In New York City, it’s the LAW, not etiquette, that your “curb your dog.” That means, your dog “does his business” in the street next to the curb. That way the machine that cleans the streets will clean up the litter. When your dog’s litter is on the sidewalk or against a tree or lamp post. A person has to handle it.

    1. — cynthia
  3. 89. October 1, 2009 6:10 pm Link

    Have others also noticed that when “responsible” dog owners “pick up” after their pets, a visible residue still remains? The “responsible dog owner” is a contradiction in terms in this environment.
    And practically no one at all CURBS their dog, as noted by cynthia. We have 30,000 police officers in NYC, but they have all apparently been instructed to ignore this type of lawlessness (if they ever venture out of their patrol cars). Extensible leashes should also be banned, and the ban enforced, since these are more than the 6 feet long specified by law.
    These laws were passed for a reason. Dog owners don’t like to be ‘inconvenienced’? Well, neither do non-dog owners, who are constantly subjected to owners’ inconsideration and selfishness. The cluelessness of these owners is absolutely incredible, as demonstrated by their comments here.

    — Frank


  1. ut expanding the off-leash hours rule into parks that currently don’t have designated 9-9 offleash areas? I think the off-leash policy is wonderful as it keeps our dogs exercised and socialized, and had improved park security as well as built community bonds.

    — Orrin Tilevitz
  2. 91. October 1, 2009 9:39 pm Link

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    @ #90

    The off-leash policy is restricted from 9pm to 9am so that REAL children can exercise and socialize in the open grassy areas of public parks.

    — Winston Smith